Black And Tan German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

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Looking for black Lab German Shepherd Puppies for sale? German Shepherd is a good breed for some people but not for others. This is because a different breed of dog has a different temperament than other breeds. German Shepherd is an energetic, loyal and protective breed. Is German Shepherd your breed of choice? If the answer is yes, read on. We will tell you how to choose German Shepherd puppy.

German Shepherd Puppies

Get to know German Shepherd Puppies Before Buying

Research the Breed

Yes. Do a simple research, not just browsing through black and tan German Shepherd pictures. Understand German Shepherd physical characteristics, temperament, grooming, training and exercise and any health problems. With this information, assess whether or not German Shepherd is a good match for you and your lifestyle.

Find a Trustworthy Breeder

If a good puppy is what you want, you will need to buy one from a trustworthy breeder. Don’t just buy from any breeder. If possible, find a breeder who provides a signed pedigree of the puppy, the puppy’s health record including de-worming dates and vaccination, a sales contract and registration papers for American Kennel Club. A responsible breeder will also give you a feeding schedule for the puppy as well as suggested foods for them.

Observe the Litter

Yes. Observe how the puppies interact with each other. You will find which one is friendly, calm, submissive, assertive or shy. You should not select a shy puppy. In case you see a puppy that is afraid of you, hides or runs from you, you just found a shy puppy. The thing is, such puppy will be afraid of not just you but also other people, places, and things. The best thing to do is not to select them.

Thorough Examination

You need to see the puppies’ coats and temperament. For the coats, choose a puppy that has shiny and thick coats and not one with patchy, dull or thin coats. Also, make sure that the puppy is clean and free of discharge or excess mucus. A good puppy will not have an unpleasant odor.

For the temper, choose a puppy that appears even-tempered and has the important structure and temperament for your intentions, be it companion or competition. German Shepherd breed is well-known for its confident, outgoing and inquisitive nature. Again, avoid a shy puppy. You should also avoid a puppy that barks incessantly or display any aggression. What you want is a friendly, playful and curious puppy.

Pay attention to colors

Color is not a major consideration here. That is unless you have already made your mind what color you want in a German Shepherd or you plan to participate in a competition. Black and tan German Shepherds dog are no different from, say, all-black one. So long as the pigment is good, there is no problem. Those are how you choose a German Shepherd puppy.

Let’s say you want black and tan German Shepherd. In that case, be sure to remember what you read above before going to black and tan German Shepherd breeders. In the end, the most important thing is that you and your dog are compatible with each other. Knowing how to find a good puppy will surely help that.