Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix

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Do you want to have a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mix puppy? If you do, it is a good idea to get to know about them first. Here in this article, we will talk about the appearance, health, temperament, and personality of a Black Mouth Cur and GermanShepherd mix. Alright. Let’s get to it.

About Black Mouth Cur and German Shepherd Dog Mix

The crossbreeding between Black Mouth Cur and German Shepherd Dog is not that common. But, it does happen. This is especially true in animal shelters and rescues. You can find lots of crossbreed dogs there, maybe even find red and black German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix.

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Size

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix

Let’s talk about size. The mix between Black Mouth Cur and German Shepherd will likely to result in a large, rugged dog. However, no person can predict exactly how big the size will be. What we can do is see the parents’ size, since the size of their puppies will be more or less the same when they grow up.

On one hand, the size of an adult male German Shepherd is 24 to 26 inches when they stand, while an adult female stands around 22 to 24 inches. The weight of a German Shepherd ranges between 75 and 95 pounds.

On the other, the size of an adult Black Mouth Cur is 16 or more inches tall. The weight of Black Mouth Cur ranges between 40 and 95 pounds for an adult male and between 35 and 80 pounds for an adult female. The mixed puppies will grow between these sizes.


Just like their size, the temperament of crossbreed dog will be more or less the same with their parents. Again, let’s see the parents’ temperament to get an insight how the temperament of the mixed puppies will be.

German Shepherd has a reserved temperament. They are aloof and tend to be not aggressive. While they are aloof and reserved, they are very loyal to their owner if bonded properly. Not only that, they are also very protective as well, which means they need to be socialized properly from an early age.

Black Mouth Cur has a courageous temperament. They are bred to fulfill various tasks and are intelligent. This breed is also known for its high energy. They will need daily exercise to channel their energy and prevent destructive behaviors.

Expect the puppies to have any of these traits. In general, a mixed dog with Black Mouth Cur and German Shepherd parents tend to be more difficult to train. However, once they are bonded properly with their owner, they can be a great tracking or service dog.

What do you think? These are the overview of Black Mouth Cur and German Shepherd mix dog. Now that you know them better, does this breed compatible with you and your lifestyle. If it does, good. Go ahead and adopt one. If it doesn’t, consider looking for another breed. This is an important consideration for both you and your dog, which is why you need to think about it seriously.

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