Black Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

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German Shepherds are wonderful animals. They have big, beautiful brown eyes, soft and gorgeous fur and strong looking posture. They are basically a real-life dog version of teddy bear. Not to mention they have an amazing personality as well. It is no wonder why they become top 10 favorite dog breeds over and over again.

Interested in adopting a German Shepherd puppy? If so what kind of German Shepherd do you want? All black long haired German Shepherds? Red and black one? Well, before you adopt one, why not read interesting facts about this breed? Here, we have some. Let’s see what these facts are, shall we?

They Have High Energy Level

German Shepherds are literally bred to work. You often see them as police dogs, military dogs and service dogs. German Shepherds love working, which makes them perfect for those roles. A German Shepherd you soon adopt will not be different.

Walk them to a park. Let them run at their full speed. Or, you can get them to join agility course classes. Their energy to be channeled somewhere. Be it class or your cherished items. If you don’t want the latter to be their victim, make sure your German Shepherd has a proper exercise.

Black Long Haired German ShepherdPuppies For Sale

They Also Need Mental Stimulation

All German Shepherds need physical and mental stimulation. Doesn’t matter if it is red and black long haired German Shepherds or solid black ones. All need physical and mental stimulation. Really, you don’t want to see them bored. Why, you ask? Because when they are bored, they will do anything just to entertain themselves. And this includes chewing your sofa or destroying your cherished items.

Fortunately, those naughty behaviors are easily avoidable. You just need to give them mental stimulation. For instance, you can get them to attend classes, training, obedience training or dog sports. Besides preventing destructive behaviors, these activities will allow you bond with them and help them to socialize.

They Are Good Listeners

Indeed. Nobody can compete with German Shepherd here. Once you adopt a German Shepherd, you will not experience loneliness again. See those big ears? They will be used to listen to your voice. Their tilt will give you smile, even if you just have a bad day.

They Are Not a Good Option for First-time Dog Owners

While they can be a great companion, they are a handful dog. They need consistent training, attention and time. Often times, this does not go well with first-time dog owners. That being said, if you never have a dog before and still want to adopt a German Shepherd, you can do it. Just make sure that you have  an experienced dog trainer to help you handle them.

Alright, that’s it. Those some facts about German Shepherd. They are great dogs for adoption. They are energetic, very loyal and intelligent. They are great companion but will require a bit experience of handling dog. It is a less ideal choice for first-time owners albeit this too can be managed.

So, what do you think about German Shepherds? Have you decided what kind of German Shepherd do you want? Is it black long haired one? If it is, be sure to visit reputable black long haired German Shepherd breeders.

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