Black Lab German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

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Labrador and German Shepherd are two of the most favorite dog breeds. What happens when you mix them? Well, you get Lab German Shepherd puppies. What about their temperament, physical characteristics, and grooming? Don’t worry. We got you covered. We will give you black lab German Shepherd mix facts regarding those questions.

Black Lab German Shepherd Mix

black lab German Shepherd mix


Let’s talk about the parent breeds first. On one hand, German Shepherd is known as a confident, intelligent and courageous breed. On the other, Labrador is known as an active, friendly and outgoing breed.

Both breeds are eager to please and can learn something quickly. In particular, German Shepherd needs productive ways to channel their energy and intelligence. Otherwise, they turn to mischief just to get away from boredom.

Now, what about personality of the mix breed? Well, no one knows exactly. What we do know is that the puppy can inherit any of their parents’ traits. This is the reason why you need to meet both parents when you look for black Lab German Shepherd mix puppies sale.

Physical Characteristics

German Shepherd is a breed which belongs to the large-size classification. German Shepherd is known for their erect ears as well as black/red or black/tan markings. There are two lines of German Shepherd, the working line, and the show line.

  • The working line breed has straighter backs, thicker, sturdier body, neck, and head as well as having darker sable coat colors. If the breeder you find talk about black sable German Shepherd, chances are it is a working line German Shepherd.
  • The show line breed has angulated back and narrow body proportions.

As for Labrador, the breed belongs to medium-size classification. Labrador is known for their yellow, chocolate or black coat color, floppy ears as well as stocky head and body with long legs. There are two lines of Labrador, field Labs which is the breed for work, and conformance Labs which is the breed for appearance.

A Lab and German Shepherd mix, just as with temperament, can be anything in between medium and large.

Speaking of grooming, a Lab, and German Shepherd mix will require weekly brushing and a little bit of grooming. And yes, you will want a vacuum cleaner to make your job easier. A Lab and German Shepherd inherits its parent’s double coat. The double coat consists of an outer coat, which protects them from the elements when they play outdoors and an ultra-warm undercoat beneath.

A Lab and German Shepherd mix is very likely to have short and neat coat, not unlike its Labrador parent. This is true even if the German Shepherd parent has a long coat.

Due to the short and neat coat, a Lab and German Shepherd mix will need once or twice a week of brushing and little grooming. That said, both parents are well known for their shedding especially during spring and fall. For this, you will need a vacuum cleaner. It will make the cleaning process much, much easier. Maybe you will also read Black And Tan German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

These are the facts of black lab German Shepherd mix dogs. What do you think about this unique breed? Are they compatible with your life and lifestyle? If they are, perhaps they are the right dog breed for you.