Black German Shepherds For Sale

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Have you ever seen a black German dog? Now we will also explain german shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs as well as one of the many breeds in the know there are various colors of this German shepherd, one of which is a lot in clay is black, here, in this article we will know the calm shepherd german black, let’s start about the color and size and also the temperament of this type.


There are some misconceptions about black german shepherd, many people think that because of all black color, they are a different kind of german shepherd, black german shepherd is still a German shepherd only with a black coat that is rare for this type, because its scarcity is expensive even in any country including Black German Shepherds For Sale In Texas. So when you look for this type of dog estimate first to pay more, because all black puppies are more expensive

Black German Shepherds For Sale


Male german shepherds tend to be bigger than their female counterparts. As they stand, the male size is 24 and 26 inches while the female is between 22 and 24 inches, weighing about 75 to 95 kiograms. Black German shepherds are not so different from other German shepherds even though they are often on the larger side.

things you do not know about black german shepherds

Black German shepherd

There seems to be some stigma and stigmatism around the black german shepherd / AKA BLACK SHEPHERD, in this post, my goal is to give information about the German black dog, and tell me directly and dispel the myths that circulate about this dog, I will also give some useful information tentng how to find a breeder who has a good repotation.

So please refer to the things you do not know about black dog german and also black german shepherd for sale puppies

Black German Shepherd is the same type as the German Shepherd

Sometimes the performance of a German german shepherd is of a different kind than that of a German shepherd. This is not true, it belongs to the same kind of black shepherd called the shepherd because the color is completely black.

Black German shepherd puppies are the last black

German shepherd puppies are born with black, ash, white and can also change color as they begin to grow up. The color of their actual coat can usually be dated at around 8 weeks of age. Black sheepdog puppies are born black and will remain black to adulthood.

So if you’re looking for a solid black German shepherd puppy, you’ll want to get at this age, and not before, to make sure he’s a solid black. So before you choose a solid black german rancher to be sold above the previous permuli.

Can they be expensive?

Black German shepherds are quite rare and because they are more expensive, especially if they have a luxurious long coat. As for German shepherd puppies the standard cost between $ 300-900, for a german shepherd black puppy that you can expect for a price between $ 700 – 2000.


The black shepherd is a beautiful, faithful, energetic, and practiced German shepherdess who is born with a solid black color, has an upright back and has longer hair than standard specs, remember, he can be a bit pricier especially if his coat has more look long and luxurious

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