Black German Shepherd Wolf Mix For Sale

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German Shepherd Wolf Mix is one of the popular wolf dogs. As the name suggests, one wolfdog is a hybrid produced from cross-breeding domestic dogs and wolves, this type is not considered purebreds commonly referred to as mutts. While this wolf-dog can be taught to be a good, loving and affectionate companion, they are all the perfect tapas choice for dog owners.

Remember that breeding like that is illegal in some areas, so if you lose your dog and end up in a local shelter, chances are you will not get your furry back. Here’s what to know about its kind if you are considering adopting:


This wolf dog has a sensitively sensitive disposition and his hearing ability is very sharp. There is also black german shepherd wolf mix puppies who are equally acting and wit. Characteristics of appearance usually have a thick coat and high. The hybrid coat has several colors, ranging from gray sable to gradual black. For the weight of this wolf-dog depends on age, diet, and genetics, but the standard average is 60 to 120 pounds. This type has a sharp eye and beautiful so do not miss anything
Before we continue with our discussion of the sale of black german shepherd wolf mix, there is our constraint this breeding of this animal

Black German Shepherd Wolf Mix For Sale

History of breeding

The shepherd of the gang is a relatively new type of wolf-dog in 1899. A captain in Germany, called captain max von Stephanitz, can be credited for infecting this breed. Stephanitz wanted an unparalleled dog like a development dog and thus began experimenting with dog breeding.
And after the breeding, there are various colors and types such as black german shepherd wolf hybrid and others. And then one day in 1899, like a wolf-like dog caught his attention and immediately bought the dog and tried more about the breeds of the dog. Later, dogs and their offspring are used to decorate the German shepherd’s descendants. Years later, the German shepherd was later crossed with wolves to create the rags of German shepherds.

Health problems

Common health problems, wolfdogs are healthy animals and are not susceptible to diseases or common genetic health problems, such as most dogs, are susceptible to disease, but without proper care, the shepherd wolf mix german is easily exposed to lice and worm diseases heart disease, including common dog diseases, such as rabies, parvovirus, and others. It should be noted that your dog has been vaccinated against such a disease. And be sure to take the dog to a local clinic before deciding to buy or adopt it.


Before you continue to buy black german it is worth noting that we have explained above, how do we before adopting black german shepherd wolf hybrid puppies for sale we must pay attention to height, weight, and health.
Well the conclusion of it all is taking care of the German shepherd wolf is certainly not an easy task, but these lovable friends will be worthy of what they give you. Before you adopt or maintain this pet, think carefully first about the commitment you will make. Because these dogs are very fun, but before that they need special training kept in safe and fenced and to prevent them from escaping and causing damage to others.

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