Black German Shepherd Puppy For Sale

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Do you intend to buy a new puppy for your pet? Maybe, you are a pet collector, but you do not have german shepherd yet. Nowadays, it is not too difficult to find black german shepherd puppy breeders in the US. You may purchase a black german shepherd from somebody or a pet shop. Somehow, you need to understand about all black german shepherd before purchasing this dog anyway. Here are some facts that you need to know about this breed.

A Very Active Dog

All black German shepherd puppy really likes physical activities and they also quickly respond to their owners’ order. Therefore, a shepherd does not take a long time to understand all of the commands in the training. You can invite this dog to walk, run, and climb. In addition, this dog cannot feel tired easily unlike the human being. So, it is a good idea to go training along with this dog for weight loss program.

Black German Shepherd Puppy For Sale

Dog with Long Lifespan

There are so many large dogs from all around the world, but not all of those dogs have a long lifespan. However, when we talk about a black German shepherd, you may not know that it can survive up to 12 years. So, if you want to have a dog that can accompany you for 12 years, then you are recommended to buy this dog now.

World’s Smartest Dogs

You can see so many black German shepherd puppy pictures on the internet, but you never realize that this dog belongs to the third smartest dog in the world. No wonder if this dog is also used for military purposes because they have good skills in guarding and smelling. Most of the people also use this dog as a livestock guard.

World’s Heroic Dogs

Why are there so many people who want to have German shepherd? One of the reasons is due to its reputation for saving people lives. It is known that a black German shepherd has a heroic character where some shepherd dogs helped so many people. There was a story of a dog named Filax that saved 54 armies in the world war one.

Good for Family Pet

This breed type can also become a good family pet because a shepherd likes playing with kids and it also has high loyalty to the owner in order to protect the family member. Many American citizens buy this dog because it can protect their houses. This large sized dog can reach up to 26 inches, so ideally this dog must be put outdoor. You can build a crater outdoor so the dog can do physical activities easily and freely.

Various Color Options

Instead of black, German shepherd also has many other color options. Approximately, the German shepherd has eleven color variants. However, most of the German shepherd dogs have black and brown color. Other colors admitted by AKC include white and solid blue.

Well, that’s all you need to know about black german shepherd dog if you really intend to purchase this breed for your pet. Now, you need to purchase this dog from a trusted pet shop and make sure you get the correct dog

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