Black German Shepherd Akita Mix

Black German Shepherd Akita Mix: Everything You Need to Know

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All About the Temperament, Features, Characteristics, and Traits of This Stunning Hybrid

Have you been considering getting a black German Shepherd Akita mix? Perhaps you’ve already adopted one, and want to learn more about the breed. Maybe you have adopted a mystery dog and want to figure out if it’s a black German Shepherd Akita mix.

Whatever the case might be, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about this stunning hybrid pooch. We’ll talk about its history, traits, features, tendencies, grooming needs, and so much more!

The black German Shepherd Akita mix is a large dog, weighing up to 88 pounds. Stunning in appearance with an athletic build and a thick coat, this mix is intelligent, loyal, and eager to please. Combining the nobility of Akitas and the determination of German Shepherds, this guardian breed hybrid will likely be very devoted and protective of its family.

Black German Shepherd Akita Mix

Understanding This Novel Hybrid Means Learning About Two Other Breeds

Since this is a relatively new canine hybrid, there’s a good chance that you won’t find a lot of information about what you can expect online.

Therefore, the best way to understand this pup is to understand the two main breeds in makeup: The Black German Shepherd and the Akita.

Black German Shepherds are German Shepherds with unique dark coat coloration. Akitas are an ancient breed known for their nobility and loyalty. Below, we will discuss both breeds to give you a better idea of what you can expect with this new mix.

The Devotion and Loyalty of the Black German Shepherd Akita Mix

It’s pretty hard to imagine a dog that will be more loyal and devoted to its family than the Black German Shepherd Akita mix. This is because both breeds that are in its lineage are known to be extremely loyal and devoted to their owners.

You can read about the overwhelming loyalty of the Akita breed in this piece by Ron Miller from

German Shepherds are also uncommonly devoted dogs and are listed on as the second most loyal breed of all time.

With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure to love and care for this dog properly. It’s a good idea to set aside plenty of time and attention for this devoted and loving mix. With the right care, training, and love, this might just be the most devoted dog you’ve ever known!

What You Need to Know About German Shepherds

To better understand this mix, you’ll want to first understand the breeds in its lineage. First, let’s look at the Black German Shepherd.

The black German Shepherd is a color variant of the standard German Shepherd, an athletic dog, originally bred for herding and working purposes.

German Shepherds are large and often have a ton of stamina. They are intelligent canines that are in most cases eager to please and very trainable.

With so much energy and motivation, German shepherds can get into trouble when left unattended. They may bark relentlessly, become overly protective of their yards, get aggressive with strangers, or become destructive.

To avoid this, you’ll want to make sure your dog knows its boundaries and receives plenty of physical and mental exercise.

German Shepherds have many different coat variations. Black German Shepherds are German Shepherds with completely black fur coats.

So, if you have a black German Shepherd Akita mix, it may also have a thick dark coat. This coat might need a lot of care, so we will go over how to groom this dog in another section.

What You Need to Know About the Akita Breed

Akitas are noble, statuesque, muscular, and devoted dogs. Bred and owned by Japanese royalty for centuries, this is an ancient and world-renowned breed. Akitas are large dogs, with a thick fur coat, and obedient personality.

Akitas are known for their obedient behavior, devotion to their family, and thick wooly fur coat. These dogs are a guardian Spitz-type breed, so expect them to be somewhat protective of their territory. Since this breed is smart and sensitive, positive reinforcement is critical in training.

What do Black German Shepherd Akita Mixes Look Like?

The Black German Shepherd Akita mix will be a large dog with a broad chest. It will have erect triangularly shaped ears and a tail that may or may not curl upward.

This dog will likely have a thick plush coat and a large broad head with a blunt or pointed muzzle.

Even though this is a mix of two dogs with dark coloration, the resulting hybrid may come in many coat colors. It could have patches of white, tan, brown, or grey. It may also be all black with no other colors visible. It could even have spots!

Since both breeds in its makeup come in various color combinations, it’s hard to know what you’ll get in terms of this dog’s coat colors.

The easiest way to tell if you have a black German Shepherd Akita mix on your hands is to look at its stature and physical build. This will be a large athletic dog with both Spitz and German Shepherd characteristics.

In terms of appearance, expect this mix to have:

  • A thick wooly coat with or without an undercoat
  • A curly tail
  • Pointy erect ears
  • A muscular build
  • A pronounced muzzle
  • A large head
  • A deep chest
  • Any number of coat colors in addition to black, or an all-black coat

You can read a full description of the AKC German Shepherd breed standard in this in-depth PDF. Alternatively, you can read the Akita breed standard PDF, also publically available on the AKC website.

What are Black German Shepherd Akita Mixes Like in Terms of Their Temperament and Personality?

While the appearance and exterior look of a dog can make a big impact on strangers at a park, owners are often much more interested in their dog’s personalities.

So What is the personality of the Black German Shepherd Akita mix like? Do these dogs have good overall temperaments?

This mix tends to be either aloof or very clingy. There isn’t much in between! They’re either totally focused on what their owner or family is doing, or off entertaining themselves in some way. There are a few reasons for this.

For one, Akitas are known for their independent personalities. Akita mixes like the black German Shepherd Akita mix can be very independent dogs as well. Some owners describe them as being almost cat-like in temperament!

However, this isn’t always the case. Some Akitas are so overwhelmingly loyal that they go down in history, like Hachiko. (To read about the infamous Akita, Hachiko, check out this Wikipedia page.)

Now, take German Shepherds. Many German Shepherds are known for their devotion, trainability, and intellect.

In some instances, they can be such clingy dogs that when left unattended, they will become destructive or aggressive.

However, other German Shepherds are more balanced. They do fine on their own or with their families.

So, for the Black German Shepherd Akita mix, you can expect to have a dog that’s very loyal, devoted, trainable, and may or may not be aloof.

The personality of your dog will depend heavily on how it has been raised, socialized, and taught starting in early puppyhood.

To learn more about different dog breeds and their distinct personalities, you can read this great article by biology expert Elizabeth Pennisi from

It discusses the most current scientific opinions on dog breeds and whether or not breed impacts a dog’s personality, behaviors, and psychological profile.

How Easy Are Black German Shepherd Akita Mix to Train?

Since German Shepherds are highly trainable and Akitas are devoted and well-disciplined, this mix is more trainable than most. For a mix like this, positive reinforcement is key.

Both German Shepherds and Akitas can be very sensitive and will not do well with a heavy-handed approach.

Whenever you’re training an intelligent mixed breed dog like this, praise and play can be used to provide motivation.

Since this is a relatively undocumented mix, you’ll have to try a few different techniques and see what works for your unique pup.

Dog training and obedience classes can be very helpful. Since this will be a large dog that may have protective guarding tendencies, it’s a good idea to start training early and be consistent. An experienced dog trainer or reputable puppy obedience workshop would be well worth looking into.

This guide from a German Shepherd information website,, focuses on training German Shepherds.

It can provide some great insight on how to work with the German Shepherd breed, and thus, with German Shepherd mixes.

Remember, the earlier you begin training a new puppy or adopted dog, the more deeply ingrained training and boundaries will be in their canine psyche.

Is Black German Shepherd Akita Mix a Good Dog for a Family?

This can be a fantastic family dog, as long as it has been properly socialized with children. Since Akitas can be such loyal and devoted dogs, they sometimes can take a while to warm up to a new family when adopted later in life.

To ensure that this mix will be a good family dog, we recommend adopting your Black German Shepherd Akita mix as a puppy.

That’s not to say an adult dog can’t be integrated into your family, because they can easily adjust to a family setting. But, to ensure that this will be a good family pet, grown up around children is helpful.

How Should a Black German Shepherd Akita Hybrid be Groomed?

Grooming can be quite the task with a fluffy pup like this. Akitas have thick plush coats that tend to shed a lot. German Shepherds have constantly shedding undercoats as well. We recommend having a high-quality dog brush on hand and using it regularly.

Black German Shepherd Akita mixes can also have some pretty hard nails, so you’ll want to get their nails trimmed about once a month.

This guide by vet expert Lynn Buzhardt discusses exactly how to go about getting a young puppy accustomed to nail clippers.

Trimming your puppy’s nails and combing it out frequently will get it accustomed to foreign objects like nail clippers and a dog brush.

Wrapping Things Up

Here Are A Few Other Helpful Resources For Anyone Wanting to Learn About the Black German Shepherd Akita Mix

So there you have it! The Black German Shepherd Akita mix combines two amazing breeds to create a beautiful and noble new breed.

This dog will require a lot of training and attention, so be prepared to start working with an adopted pooch right away.

The grooming requirements are also somewhat stringent, so be prepared to brush them a lot.

This great YouTube video discusses the Akita breed in-depth!

Alternatively, this video gives you an overview of the German Shepherd breed. Combine the information from them both, and you’ll be better equipped to work with a Black German Shepherd Akita mix.

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