Are Black German Shepherds More Aggressive

Are Black German Shepherds More Aggressive?

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All About Black German Shepherds and Their Behavioral Tendencies

Have you been considering adopting a black German Shepherd but are concerned that they are dangerous? Perhaps you’re worried that this type of German Shepherd is more aggressive due to its dark coat. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover it all!

Black German Shepherds are simply German Shepherds with black coats and aren’t inherently more aggressive or dangerous. While they may seem ominous because of their unique dark color, rest assured, they are no more dangerous than any other German Shepherd. A dog’s coat coloration does not impact its aggression levels, though socialization and training can have a big impact on behaviors.

In this guide, we will discuss the negative stigma around black dogs. We will debunk myths about breed aggression and coat color, talk about the uniqueness of black German Shepherds, and go over what you can expect from this breed. Let’s get started!

Are Black German Shepherds More Aggressive

Why Do Black German Shepherds Seem More Threatening Than Other Breeds?

Have you’ve ever encountered an all-black German Shepherd in person? It’s easy to understand why some people feel that they’re an intimidating breed. These are large wolf-like dogs with keen senses, sharp teeth, and an intense gaze.

Not to mention the fact that German Shepherds are athletic dogs with prominent muzzles. They’re athletic, powerful, and jarring pups. This can be especially true if they are barking at you, considering that German Shepherds have one of the loudest barks around.

The thing is, black German Shepherds aren’t any more dangerous than German Shepherds with that familiar black and tan coat.

Black German Shepherds simply look a bit more ominous because their uniformly dark coats make them seem more wolf-life. Plus, they’re an unfamiliar breed. Unfamiliar things sometimes seem more threatening.

This article from discusses whether or not German Shepherds are considered to be a scary breed. It sheds some light on why some people are frightened of German Shepherds, and if these fears are legitimate.

Is There a Negative Stigma Around Black Dogs?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. There is a very real negative stigma around dogs with black coats. Pets with black coats of all kinds are often viewed in a negative light. With dogs, this is known as Black Dog Syndrome.

Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon where black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of animals with lighter colored coats.

This is because they seem scarier simply because of their appearance. Some animal shelters even use the term BBD (Big Black Dog) to describe a pooch with black fur who can’t get adopted.

In this in-depth Wikipedia article, Black Dog Syndrome is discussed comprehensively. This is a very real stigma that must be understood. Understanding is the first step to take toward helping pets of all colors get a fair shot at adoption.

What Factors Will Impact a Dog’s Aggression Levels?

While a dog’s coat color will not influence its aggression levels, other factors can. A dog’s breeding, for instance, can have an impact on aggression. If two aggressive parents have been bred, there’s a chance that their puppies will also display aggressive tendencies.

Another factor that can influence whether or not a dog will be aggressive is its training and upbringing. When a dog is trained or taught to behave aggressively, it naturally becomes more dangerous and aggressive.

Fearful, injured, or anxious, dogs with subpar training are also prone to dangerous aggression. Even a well-trained dog may become aggressive if it feels threatened. This can happen in dogs of any breed.

Interestingly enough, the most aggressive breed of dog may just be the Chihuahua! As shown on an aggression ranking chart from, Chihuahuas are the number one most aggressive breed, with German Shepherds ranking way down at number eight.

Where do Black German Shepherds Come From and What have They Been Bred For?

Black German Shepherds are color variations of standard German Shepherds. The German Shepherd dog was originally bred to protect livestock and assist its owners in completing various tasks. They are intelligent and capable dogs who are eager to please.

Black German Shepherds are a somewhat rare variant of German Shepherds. They are still considered to be purebred German Shepherds if they have a pedigree. They are not a new breed, simply an old breed with a rare fur coat.

It is important to understand that German Shepherds can be aggressive, no matter what color their fur is.

This is because this breed has been specially bred for herding and guarding. They can be territorial and protective of whatever they believe needs protection.

To learn more about the German Shepherd breed, we recommend checking out this awesome YouTube video.

It goes over where this breed comes from, what they were bred for, and why they are so popular as pets in today’s world.

How Can You Make Sure Your Dog Won’t be Aggressive?

Any dog can become aggressive. Most German Shepherds aren’t any more prone to aggression than other dogs of different breeds. While some people might judge a dog based on its breed, the way that it has been raised and trained will impact its behavior far more than its genetics.

Even a dog with very aggressive parents can be trained and socialized to be friendly. While it’s true that inherently aggressive dogs might require more training than dogs with calm temperaments, training wins out.

To make sure that your dog won’t be aggressive, you have to train them. Training and socializing are key. Dogs who have been brought up around people, socialized with strangers and children, and taught boundaries and limitations, are rarely aggressive without cause.

World-renowned dog expert Cesar Millan has a great guide that can help you understand dog aggression better. It’s full of information that concerns dog breed-related aggression, fearful aggression, and more.

Are German Shepherds an Aggressive Breed in General?

German Shepherds are only slightly more aggressive than other breeds. This is because they are a shepherding and working breed. They have been bred for a long time to be protective. However, the aggression of a dog will often hinge on its training and the setting it’s in.

Dogs that have been proven to have higher aggression levels than German Shepherds include Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Chow Chows, Dalmations, and Jack Russell Terriers. All of these breeds have consistently been ranked as more aggressive and dangerous than German Shepherds.

With that being said, a German Shepherd is considerably larger than a Chihuahua, and as such, will be able to inflict more damage on someone if they do decide to attack. For this reason, German Shepherd owners should be sure to train and socialize their dogs from puppyhood.

This article from explains that German Shepherds are stable dogs, who may be aggressive at times, but can easily be trained. It talks about how you can avoid aggression issues with this breed.

How Can You Train a Dog to Be Safe Around People?

There are many ways that you can train your German Shepherd to be safe around other people, dogs, children, and strangers. Mainly, you need to socialize them starting early. Properly socialized dogs are more likely to be familiar with unfamiliar various scenarios.

The more familiar a dog is with varied scenarios, the less likely the dog will be to act aggressively out of fear. This means that getting your dog used to all kinds of situations starting when it’s a puppy will greatly help to reduce fear aggression.

Other ways to ensure your dog will be safe around people involve enforcing obedience training. A dog that has been trained for obedience is a dog that will listen. A dog that listens to its owner will not usually become aggressive without a reason.

If you’re interested in learning how you can socialize a German Shepherd puppy, this YouTube video may help. It has been created by a German Shepherd expert and offers a lot of great tips!

Wrapping Things Up: A Few Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Now you know all about dog aggression. As you can see, black German Shepherds aren’t any more aggressive than German Shepherds of other coat colors. German Shepherds themselves aren’t very aggressive either.

While they do have protective tendencies, with adequate socialization and training, they won’t become any more aggressive than a dog of another breed would. It’s all about how they have been raised and taught to behave.

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