Are Black German Shepherds Bigger

Are Black German Shepherds Bigger? Understanding Their Size

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Understanding Black German Shepherds, Their Size, and Whether This is the Right Dog for You

Black German Shepherds are gorgeous color variations of the Purebred German Shepherd dog. These Gorgeous pups are intelligent, loyal, devoted to their families, and athletic.

Are Black German Shepherds Bigger

Have you been wondering whether black German Shepherds are larger in size than standard German Shepherds?

Black German Shepherds are the same size as any other purebred German Shepherd. These dogs are not a new breed. Rather, they are a rare color variant of purebred German Shepherds. As such, they will not be larger or smaller than any other dog found within the breed. German Shepherds usually weigh between 60-88 pounds in adulthood.

Everything You Need to Know About Black German Shepherds and How Big They Will Get

In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about the black German Shepherd, what distinguishes it from other German Shepherds, why the dog stands out, and how large they will grow in adulthood.

This way, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know if you are considering getting one as a pet.

You can watch this great YouTube video to learn more about the German Shepherd breed. This may help you decide if this dog will be a good fit for your household!

It can clear up some confusion about black German Shepherds and what makes them different from other colors of German Shepherd.

Are Black German Shepherds Rare?

Black German Shepherds are pretty rare. This dog is a color variation of the standard German Shepherd. They are still purebred German Shepherds, but they have an all-black coat, usually with no tan, white, red, or brown colors.

What Coat Colors do German Shepherds Have?

Standard German Shepherds can come in many different colors and coat lengths. These dogs are known for their black and tan markings, usually around the muzzle, ears, belly, tail, and paws. Black German Shepherds are born without these markings and are instead completely black.

How Can I Tell if a German Shepherd Puppy Will Grow Up to Have a Black Coat?

You can tell if a puppy will be all-black when it grows up by its puppyhood coat. While most German Shepherds are born mostly black, they will usually have hints of tan on their paws, ears, or belly. As they grow, these tan markings spread up their legs and to their tails.

Black German Shepherds won’t have these markings at all as puppies. They may have small streaks of tan, grey, or white on their chests, but other than that, they will be completely black. As they grow, these small patches of color can spread to be larger or completely disappear.

Are All German Shepherd Large?

German Shepherds are a large breed of dog. In adulthood, German Shepherds can weigh up to 88 pounds and be around 26-inches tall at the shoulder. These dogs have large heads, broad chests, and long legs.

They are very athletic and muscular in build. This adds to their weight. On top of this, their thick fluffy coats can make them look even larger. A black-coated German Shepherd will be the same size as any other German Shepherd.

However, because black German Shepherds can look somewhat wolf-like in appearance due to their dark coloration, they may seem larger than other German Shepherds. This is sort of an optical illusion. Their uniformly opaque coats can make them look larger and more imposing.

For a complete picture of a German Shepherd’s dimensions, you can check out this article from It has a great size and scales comparison chart for you to look over!

Where Do German Shepherds Come From Originally?

As their name suggests, German Shepherds come from Germany. They first became a breed in the late 1800s. They were originally bred to herd and protect flocks of sheep in Europe. Since this dog is so intelligent, athletic, and versatile, they quickly became popular around the world.

By the time World War I started, this breed found work outside of the farm. They were used in the war and began working with the military.

In time, this dog found a place on police forces. They are still used by special operations units, military personnel, and police officers around the world today.

If you want to get a better understanding of this dog’s backstory, you can look at this great article from It discusses their name origins, history, and much more!

Are Black German Shepherds Easy to Own?

Yes and no. This is an intelligent dog with a lot of stamina and motivation. This means that they can have some pretty high energy levels.

They are rather intense dogs to own, so if you’re considering getting one, it’s a good idea to plan on training them properly and working with them often.

This dog will need at least one hour of physical exercise every day. This can be in the form of a walk, a few consecutive games of fetch, or through learning new tricks.

These dogs have to have an appropriate way to burn off their excess energy, otherwise, they can become anxious or bored.

With that being said, they are very capable and smart pups. They learn tricks quickly and can perform complex behaviors. We will go over how to train your black German Shepherd in the next section.

To learn more about how to own and care for this dog breed, you can check out this helpful article from dog expert Bridgette Uhlemann. It goes over how to own and care for this breed in detail.

Are Black German Shepherds Easy to Train?

Black German Shepherds can be trained in the same way that any other color of German Shepherd can be. This dog will need consistency, patience, and sensitivity in its training. These dogs are people pleasers, so positive reinforcement is key.

What Kind of Fur Does a Black German Shepherds Usually Have?

Apart from the obvious fact that they will have black fur, black German Shepherds can have many different coat styles and lengths. Their coats can be wavy, wiry, thick, short, or dense.

German Shepherd coats come in just about every length and style. They can be short and wiry or long and flowing. They can have a plush soft coat with a thick undercoat, or semi-long silky coat with no undercoat at all.

If your German Shepherd has the common plush dense coat, it will probably also have a thick undercoat.

Dogs with undercoats should be brushed daily to prevent shedding, matting, and discomfort. Undercoats do tend to shed a lot, so be prepared for that.

To see how much a German Shepherd’s undercoat can shed, this grooming YouTube video is useful. It shows a groomer removing the undercoat of an adult purebred German Shepherd.

Wrapping Things Up: Final Thoughts on Black German Shepherds

Black German Shepherds are the same size as any other purebred German Shepherd. These are not a separate breed, but a color variant of the standard breed.

These intelligent dogs are fast learners who are eager to please, so training them early on is wise.

All purebred German Shepherds are large dogs. This large breed can weigh almost 90 pounds and will be almost 30 inches tall in its largest form.

However, some are smaller. Female Shepherds can be particularly small, weighing as little as 55 pounds and measuring only 21 inches tall.

When trained and socialized properly, the black German Shepherd can be an amazing dog for anyone who is ready to commit to the needs of a large breed like this. They are generally very loyal, loving, and devoted dogs.

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