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Have you ever seen black German Shepherds puppies? German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds as well as one of the most recognized breeds. There are various colors of German Shepherd, one of them is black. Here in this article, we will talk about black German Shepherd. Let’s get to know about their color, size, and temperament of this breed.


There is a misconception about black German Shepherd. Many people think that because of their all-black color, they are a different breed of German Shepherd. They are not. Black German Shepherd is still German Shepherd, only with a black colored coat which is a rarity for this breed. Because of its rarity, they are expensive. So, when you are looking for all black German Shepherd puppies for sale, expect to pay more since all black puppies are more expensive.


Male German Shepherd tends to be larger than their female counterpart. When they stand, the male size is between 24 and 26 inches while the female is between 22 and 24 inches, weighing around 75 to 95 pounds. Black German Shepherds is not that different from the other German Shepherd albeit they often are on the larger side.

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As with any breed, there is a general temperament of German Shepherd. If you are considering to adopt a German Shepherd, be sure you know what kind of temperament they have. It is very important, for the good of both you and your German Shepherd.

  • The Good

German Shepherd is a natural-looking, athletic and strong dog breed. They thrive on exercise and challenging activities. They have imposing, stern look which makes them a good deterrent. Not only they are energetic, they are also very intelligent, loyal can learn and do just about anything with proper training and socialization.

  • The Bad

German Shepherd is an energetic breed. They need lots of exercise and entertainment. If they are not exercised enough or bored, they can be destructive. You will need to provide careful socialization as well since German Shepherd is very protective. They can be aggressive to another dog as well.

Again, you need to provide careful socialization. Last but not least, German Shepherd is known as German shedders. This is because they experience daily heavy shedding. Be prepared for this if you do adopt a German Shepherd.

While these are the general temperament of German Shepherd, there is wide range of temperaments. The reason behind this is that there are many breeding lines of German Shepherds, each one of them is bred for a different purpose. And thus, have a different temperament. German Shepherd black Lab mix puppies will have a different temperament than work line German Shepherd, for instance.

What do you think? Are you interested in German Shepherd? Do you think black German Shephard temperament fits you? If you do, you should see and interact with them directly. If, however, you want them yet you seem unable to meet their need, no need to worry. You can always get a black German Shepherd stuffed animal.